The Story


“The Overgrounds” is a new band of bankers who are rocking things up in London.

The band is made up of members of the same IT team who work in the City of London in the financial industry. Most of the members hadn’t played in a group in years, but this hasn’t stopped them from coming together to form a band whose blockbuster performances will keep audiences on their feet, singing and dancing along.

Their studio is none other than the disaster recovery site where they work. Where else would you expect to find a group of IT rockers?

So where does the name Overgrounds come from? The creation of this group stems from a similar experience one of its members imported to the UK from France. The band “Six Floors Under” ( was formed by colleagues from the same company in Paris about five years ago. Their jam sessions took place in the company basement, on the sixth basement level, thus the name “Six Floors Under”. So when one its members moved to London and this name band formed, jamming at lunchtime on the ground floor, it was only natural to name the new group “The Overgrounds”.

The goal of this eclectic group of English, French and Ukranian colleagues is to raise funds for charitable causes they believe in and enjoy playing music in the City of Rock !

Following their first concert in London, they played at the Broadway Hard Rock Cafe and raised 70K. Please follow The Overgrounds for great cause and raise funds!

The Band


Guitars, Vocals
A bit of guitar here, a bit of singing there (a bit of screaming when required), mix together for 20 years, sprinkle with a few records and gigs along the way, and you get Thomas’s musician background in a nutshell. Just remember that you don’t need to be excellent at anything to make rock’n’roll ;-)”


Self-taught bassist, rusty double bassist, firey sitar player and occasionally a (very) bad drummer. Ex EMI artist long long time ago, Xavier spent 5 years with the Six Floors Under (, playing between Paris, NYC, Bangalore and London for Charity concerts.


Raised on classical piano and pipe organ, Dan discovered his love of rock and pop piano listening to Elton John, Billy Joel and Phil Collins, and continues to explore keyboard influences from the past five decades. He dreams of having a room large enough to house a grand piano and a Hammond B3, but will make do with his pocket-sized Yamaha Reface for now.


There were school choir, the bandurist ensemble, folk choir-orchestra, SG choir and finally I ended up in my first rock band! “It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door”, but wherever you go take the music with you.


Drums & Humour
Ed’s been playing guitar for 22 years. Unfortunately, he’s the only one who owns a drumkit


Alex is a fan of good old rock’n’roll (cue Bob Seger), and likes to attend as many gigs as possible. He was part of a high school band, but also gets a lot of practice in his shower, much to the sadness of his neighbours…

Initial members (we miss you)


Guitar, Vocals
A seasoned guitarist in his (very) later 30s. Can sometimes also be seen with a Ukulele. Beatles nut. Sometimes plays the wrong chords and calls it jazz …


Comes from a family of classical musicians. Unfortunately he was the runt of the litter.
Is allergic to plectrums, electric tuners and playing without distortion.

Artistic crew

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